Our commitment to quality and efficiency is not limited to your office visit or procedure. There is a lot of activity that goes on before and after your visit that contributes to the total patient experience.  At Heartland Clinic, we have expertise in insurance and third-party billing as well as a commitment to making the complex world of healthcare payments easy on you.

Pre-Visit Services
Are you concerned about whether your procedure will be covered by your insurance? Do you wonder how much you will owe after your procedure is complete? Are you a self-pay patient and wondering if we offer discounts? These are questions our Pre-Access team is dedicated to answering. When you are scheduled for a procedure or visit, we will begin the process of verifying insurance coverage and answering these and other questions you may have.

Under One Roof
No matter where you have your procedure, there are several bills that can possibly be generated (i.e. doctor, facility, laboratory, anesthesia). The same is true at Heartland Clinic. However, all of your bills are handled in one central location. That makes things easier on you both before and after the procedure and minimizes the amount of work you have to do.

Local Customer Service
If you do have questions or concerns about one of more of your bills, you can call a local number (309) 762-5560 and have your issue addressed by a live person here in our Quad-Cities offices. We are here as an advocate for you. We can help you understand your bills and how your insurance paid the claim. We can work with you and your insurance carrier to work through more complex issues.

While there is no doubt that the administrative aspects of healthcare billing are complex, we are here for our patients and their families before and after services.


(309) 762-5560

We accept all insurance carriers